Our Family ♥

Dan & Amanda are very close to family.
This is one of the keys to a beautiful life together as husband & wife.

The best thing ever is that Dan's Grandpa is a minister, so he will be the officiant at our wedding.
At our engagement party, he was a hit! He told the best stories, and the way he told them....was so incredibly honest and sweet.  How special will it be having Dan & his grandpa waiting at the altar, ready to join us together as family? I can already feel the sweet tears coming!

The flower girl will be Amanda's four year old redheaded niece Gaia. (She is so cute).
And the ring bearer will be Dan's four year old nephew Gabe. (Also adorable. Love his cheeks!)

At Our Engagement Party (From Left):  Steve & Beth Eberhardt, Dan Eberhardt, Amanda Wright, Althea Wright, David Wright (with a beard!)

Some tidbits about our families, and why we think they'll be great joining together:
  • Our families are both from Wisconsin.
  • Amanda has 1 brother named Cliff.  Dan has 1 sister named Erin. Each of our siblings are married & have 2 kids that are about the same age! How exciting is that! Hopefully they can all be friends.
  • We both have very unusual and exciting family vacations. Things happen kind of like National Lampoons Christmas vacations.
  • We are all quirky, silly, and love to dance and sing.
  • We have passion for life.
  • We all love very deeply and care for others.
  • We believe that marriage is forever.
  • We are all very spiritual and close to God.
  • We love to have fun and laugh!

Althea Wright always stops to admire and smell the roses.
It just so happens that she & Beth Eberhardt will be preparing all of the flowers for the wedding!
    Amanda and Dad Dancing together.
    Dave Wright staring out at the ocean.
    Dan at his family church in Muskego.
    Dan & his mom raisin' the roof in the family kitchen.

    The heart shaped sunglasses......
    Dan's dad really rocks the heart shaped sunglasses.
    Amanda & Mom standing near the spot that Dan proposed in Laguna Beach.
    Amanda's dad loved to visit California.
    Mr.  Steve Eberhardt makes a beautiful tropical flower in Laguna Beach!
    Come to California...and eat Wienerschnitzel!
    (Mrs. Beth Eberhardt, Dan, and Amanda)
Dan's supamodel sista Erin.

Dan with nephew Gabe, otherwise called "Gabey"

Amanda's brother Cliff with niece Gaia ♥
She's hugging the Barbie Amanda bought her for Christmas.
We will miss you and will always love you.
Amanda's late grandparents Carl & Fran.
They were married for 60 years.
This photo is of them on their 50th wedding anniversary.
Amanda says that she can only hope that her wedding to Dan is as sweet as this memory with Grandpa & Grandma.
Grandma Fran always wanted to see Amanda walk down the aisle.
She'll be there in spirit ♥